Friday, February 3, 2012

Last Vacation Post

Saying Good Bye to Maui

The last three days have been action packed. Wednesday we did a dinner cruise with the Alex Cruise Line company. I've been on dinner cruises before and usually the only thing great about the cruises is the scenery. But this time the food was incredible. Nancy didn't think she'd like the mahi mahi so she ordered steak. I ordered the mahi mahi. Both were incredibly delicious so we shared. We ended up sitting with a pilot for American Air Lines who gave us a lot of tips. He made a point of pointing out how he thinks the TSA is way out in orbit with some of their practices and ends up adding a lot of money to the cost of air fair. On the way back to port we saw several whales blowing and breaching. The scenery was incredible. When we returned to Lahania port we had a scoup of ice cream to top off the evening and then drove back to Kihei.

We started Thursday with a small breakfast and spent a quite day at the resort. At 4:30 pm we went to our first lauau of the trip. The food and entrainment was mediocre so we were free of gluttony.

Friday started off with an air of excitement. We took a helicopter ride over the North Eastern mountains and took a lot of great photos and video--go to end of this post. We returned to the resort and had a moderate breakfast. Then we took a ride near Haleakala to the Botanical Gardens--video below. Being at the foot of Haleakala, I decided to drive to the top--see more video below. At around 7,000 feet elevation we rode through the clouds and continued to the top at just a few feet over 10,000 feet.

Needless to say it was a day of incredible sights to photograph and video. We got down the mountain just in time to see the sun set over the mountains behind Lahania. We came back to our resort and Nancy made us soup and a left over hamburger for dinner.

It's been two weeks since I've stepped on a scale and I'm wondering how I'll fair when I get home. I would imagine that I've gained about four or five pounds. I can say that overall I'm appalled with the number of overweight men and women in my age group over 50. I want to hand each one of them a copy of the Scale Conspiracy and wish them well, but I exercise restraint.

Today I published my first book with Amazon on their Kindle offerings. It's title is How to Build Self Esteem In Your Children--Fifteen Tips on How to Build Self Esteem In Your Child—A Must Read Book For All Parents for just $2.99. If I did it right, it should be available in three or four days.

Tomorrow morning before we check out I'm going to shoot some video for the website promoting the book with a tropical background and then we'll have a small breakfast, take a walk along the beach and then check out. Our plane departs at 11:30 pm so we'll have a lot more time to travel around the island. Maybe we'll grab some dinner in Paia near the airport before we leave.

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