Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back From Vacation--Admission

I'm down three of the four pounds I gained from gluttony over the vacation and probably by the time I weigh myself in the morning I'll be down all four pounds. Most of the people you hear talking about losing weight talk about eating nutritiously. Yet, each of us have that sweet tooth--me too.
Let me go a little into my approach on weight management. First, it's call weight management instead of losing weight for two reasons:
1. The idea of losing causes anxiety. After all, how many things have you been taught to lose. What happens when you can't find your keys or your cell phone? You get anxious, right? So the idea of LOSING is a problem and better to avoid.
2. Weight management provides flexibility. In other words, it you gain a couple pounds, it's OK. So rather than get into a mind set where you have to drop weight consistently, you can drop two or three and go up one or two and then down three or four and up one or two. Knowing this takes away all the anxiety of having to always be perfect in dropping weight.

Now I must admit just as I do in my book that I sometimes have less than excellent eating habits. This goes along with the idea of management. My eating habits can be rotten and they can be great. Most weight loss programs have you focus on healthy eating habits.

So great, you start off being very careful and eating healthy. Now you can only do this so long. I mean you're human and eventually you're going to blow it and when that happens, it can sometimes be the end of the weight loss program--disastrous. With my approach, you have a preference to eat nutritiously and with that in mind, you can also eat non nutritiously.

For instance, I gained four pounds and it wasn't from always eating nutritiously. I experienced my share of gluttony in Hawaii. Now I just dropped three of the four pounds, was free of gluttony but far from being free of nutritious eating.

For instance, yesterday I had two doughnuts and a cup of coffee for breakfast. I had no desire to eat lunch and for dinner I had a salad with no dressing and a bagel with almond butter and guava jelly (from Hawaii). That's far from being nutritious. Today I had a doughnut for breakfast. I had a great desire to have something to eat around 3:00 and on my way home stopped in Costco and had a sausage sandwich and a cup of yogurt swirl. A few minutes ago I had a cup of coffee with a few marshmallows and one dark candy chocolate.

The point is that after a couple days of this kind of eating I will have had my fill of it and gravitate towards a healthier diet tomorrow. It's a back and forth kind of thing.

In the middle of all of this is also the stress of life and the experience of emotion. It's handling the emotion that keeps either my nutritious or non nutritious eating from becoming compulsive or a binge.

How does this approach sound to you? Would you rather be perfect and anxious about every calorie you consume or would you rather manage your life?

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Just can't let go of vacation so I added a mountain video below.

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