Monday, February 6, 2012

Gaining and Losing Weight On Vacation

We left Maui around midnight and got into San Francisco around 6:00 am and had a hearty breakfast. We caught a 9:00 am flight to Newark--both our flights were full and silly me didn't make prior arrangements for seat assignments so we didn't get to sit together on either flight.
When we got home my son had a couple pieces of left over pizza and that was our dinner just in time to see the Giants squeak out their win over the Patriots--Yeah! If you saw it, you know it was a nail bitter.

The big question: How much weight did Nancy and I gain? My gluttony added four pounds for the two weeks. I was thinking also added a few pounds and was surprised to hear that she dropped four pounds.
Back to my normal routine, the four pounds for me will be gone within a week as I prefer to forget about food. That's a great suggestion to use throughout the day. Compound its power by using self hypnosis.
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