Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another Great Day in Maui

Aloha Again,
We started the day with Nancy taking a quick dip in the pool as I checked my email. Then we had a small breakfast of an egg with tomato, a slice of toast, and coffee for we knew that the resort would be providing lunch.

We then joined a group outside our room making leis. As Nancy and the other wives made leis the guys talked about the politics of energy. We all agreed that the best alternative to gas and oil is hydrogen but thought politics would delay it's development.

A few hours later in the early afternoon our resort provided us a lunch. We both ate enough to last most of the day. I had planned on going to the top of Haleakala but when the concierge informed us it would be over a two hour ride each way, Nancy voted against it. I didn't object and later in the afternoon we drove down S Keihi Rd and I found the first resort when I stayed here twenty three years ago. We hung out there and enjoyed a cloud laden afternoon watching whales in the distance jump and blow. There were about a half dozen of them frolicking in the ocean. It brought back some of the best memories of my early life when I first visited Maui. Go to the bottom of this post for a great Maui sunset.

Later we each had one scoop of ice cream just before we watched the sunset. Our video and photos of our trip will be 50% sunsets. A bit later we stopped in a health food store and Nancy wanted to buy a bunch of vegetables for soup. I reminded her we already had the next several days planned out and the last thing we needed is more food.

After we got back to the resort we had a cup of soup and ate a small piece of banana nut bread with coffee for desert.

I'm happy that I recognized contentment yesterday. Even though I'm very much attuned to emotions, I was at a loss for a while with that emotion during our vacation. What emotions are your recognizing that are connected with your excess eating or with temptations to eat?

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