Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vacation Plans Change

Today we were going to have a small breakfast and be gluttonous for dinner at a lauau. We got up early, spent some time in the hot tub, and then hung out for a half hour at the pool on the roof. Then we had our tiny breakfast as planned so we could be gluttonous later in the day. But, our plans changed. We ended up going to Helio Hattie where we sampled some tasty macadamia nuts in chocolate and then had vanilla pineapple soft serve. We immediately decided to delay the lauau to another day. We missed our trolly by just a minute. While we waited a half hour for the next trolley we met a lady from Tennessee who lives on a farm and has six horses which my wife would love to ride. We might have breakfast with her tomorrow.

Our next stop was at Moose McGillyCuddy's for a Mai Tai--one was sufficient and then we shared one entree of Korean beef/chicken with lots of vegetables at a near by food court. We then returned to our resort and watched an incredibly beautiful sunset from the top floor of our building. My wife bet me $5000 that the sun would disappear behind the clouds and the sunset would be a dud. She will never pay up.

We capped our evening off by sharing a cup of lava flow (chocolate and coffee with a little whipped cream on top) as we watched a local street show of hula dancers. Just scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the pretty hula dancers. The good news is that we're handling the welcome emotions that go along with being in Hawaii and are managing and enjoying our food intake.

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