Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gluttony and Vacation


I awakened at 7:00 am with incredible pain in my knee. I slowly limped to the elevator and went to the 26th floor owner's lounge to video tape an introduction for the scale conspiracy web page. I was sure that I'd have another miserable day with my bum knee. Unfortunately I was too late and the lighting was wrong for make the video so I limped back to the room and had a very light breakfast with Nancy.

We took a nap and hung around the room until about 11:30 am. I wanted to walk along the beach and get some video of Royal Hawaiian Hotel (the pink one) before we left. Nancy didn't want to walk on the beach because of the sun--she hates exposing her skin to the sun. But eventually I chided her into a walk on the beach. Much to my surprise as I left our resort my knee got better and better. It was like an instant improvement--pain gone. Just a few hours before with every step I had radiating pain in my knee muscles. I'm not ready for jogging yet, but boosting glutathione has saved my vacation.

But Nancy still didn't want to walk very long on the beach. I got my video of the Royal Hawaiian--which is practically next door to our resort--from the beach and then we walked through the Royal Hawaiian to the street and continued on to the public Waikiki beach where I took more video.

Afterwards I wanted to go a block further inland and check out the stores for a wind breaker, but Nancy didn't want to. She wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant at noon for lunch. It was our first disagreement for the week. She walked into a store while I commandeered a seat along the street to wait for her.

When she finally came out of the store--she seems to get mesmerized in stores and rarely buys anything after spending eons of time trying on clothing--I said, "We have an issue. You don't want to go with me and I don't want to go to a Chinese restaurant. I'd like to walk from Kakalaua Ave over to Kuhio Ave and go back to the beach and later hang out under the tree at the beach"--(there's this fantastic low hanging tree that makes great shade right on the beach.) Go to the end of this post for video from under this tree. "So why don't you do what you want to do and I'll do what I want to do and we'll meet at the resort in two hours."

She decided to go with me and we found some neat stores--she almost bought a stupid Betty Boops clock but at the last moment decided not to. An hour later we happened upon a lunch buffet and decided that we'd go for gluttony. The buffet featured shushi which we enjoyed very much. And with all the food I was amazed that we ate moderately compared to how we could have gorged ourselves. We had basically planned on a lauau which never happened. It was the last food for the day and our only buffet for the week. Later we enjoyed the best sunset of the week and then walked through the streets that were blocked off for the Pro Bowl celebration.

Tomorrow morning we'll be leaving for a week on Maui so this may be my last post for a week as I'm not sure if I'll have access to the internet there. The good news is that so far we are on target with our food intake and enjoying the best of food that we can find.

The good news is that we did not feel that we were our own worst enemy when it came to food but instead loved with it and enjoyed it. Yet I know many of you may feel that when it comes to food that you start the day out with great intentions and perhaps eat little if any breakfast. Likewise at lunch you may eat very little, come home and plan on having just a little of something for dinner. That "little something" turns into a little something more, and then you have a little of something else and by bed time you might have polished off a bag of chips and feel gorged wondering, "What's wrong with me? I'm my own worst enemy."

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