Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eating on Vacation

We met our new friend for breakfast at Moose McGuillyCutties. It was a large delicious breakfast and I saved my banana nut muffin for breakfast tomorrow.

A couple days ago I pulled a muscle in my right knee while getting up from my beach towel. I'd been nursing it along since then, but as we were having breakfast it somehow became aggravated and when I got up to leave my knee was in agony. It reminds me of the intense pain I had in my other knee for over a year before I began using the glutathione accelerator that finally gave me relief.

We didn't take any long walks for the remainder of the day. I treated my knee to the hot tub for a while and babied it the rest of the day around our resort. We combined lunch and dinner and shared a Caesar salad with chicken and an order of pulled pork, Hawaiian style.

I was hoping for another gorgeous sunset, but it was not to happen. In fact the weather report is calling for stormy weather tomorrow.

I was tempted to have some dried pineapple chips after dinner and decided to take my disappointment with my knee straight rather than dilute it with calories. Disappointment is not a feeling that I like and it's real tempting to dilute it with food. Yet, it is my choice. How do you deal with disappointment?

Tomorrow's plan is to have a very light breakfast with banana nut muffin. Depending on how my knee is tomorrow and the weather will determine what ventures we undertake.

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