Saturday, January 28, 2012

More vacation and food

Aloha means affection, peace, compassion and mercy. I was hoping to share a few photos of Waikiki with you but unfortunately, my wife's new I phone is in Chinese as she is Chinese and she doesn't yet know how to send emails from her new I phone. I have been downloading some video to my computer and if I'm lucky you'll be able to see sunset at Waikiki beach. My apologies, I'm uploading the video but the link isn't happening--you're supposed to be able to click on Waikiki beach in the previous sentence to see the video.

Today I awakened with incredible pain in my knee as I tried to walk. We stayed in and had a small breakfast with coffee, banana nut muffin, danish and toast--a high carb breakfast. Then we took my knee to the hot tub and that did little good for it. Then we took my knee to pool side on the 27th floor and I wrapped it in ice and that did little good. I've been tripling my MaxOne Glutathione accelerator hoping that it will shorten the duration of the agony. Only time will tell.

For dinner I limped along with my wife a short block away to PF Changs. We've noticed that restaurant absolutely full of patrons every night and decided we'd have to try it out. I ordered Nancy a strawberry daiquiri but she's not big on alcohol so I ended up drinking most of it. We skipped appetizers and went straight for the entrees. Nancy had an eggplant dish in soy and I had a steak dish with water chestnuts and snow peas. The portions were just right.

The waitress brought us a chocolate cake for desert--it was eight layers--over a foot long with ice cream. Don't worry, we passed it up and settled for one small--actually it was kind of tiny--container of chocolate mousse.

Afterwards, we went to a nearby shopping area where I hung out sitting on a carved out huge block of wood. Nancy put in her order for a Louis Vuitton Bag for Christmas. I limped back to our resort where we went to the owner's lounge and enjoyed a couple shows on the wide screen tv.

I was amazed that I was free of temptation to eat in response to my agony all day long. I generally am tempted to eat more in response to being happy. But that 's not always true, I remember just last week going through some unplanned eating because of a major disappointment--emotionally I was very frustrated. What emotions do you find the biggest challenge? Let me know. The secrets to dealing with these emotions are in my book--The Scale Conspiracy in E-book form for only $14.95. Soft cover is $19.95 plus $3.00 handling and shipping and includes a free copy of the e-book--scroll down for the buy button

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