Saturday, January 2, 2010

How Can You Stop Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is totally misunderstood. Everyone who writes about it and everyone who is in practice working with overweight people blames the eating on the stress causing the emotion.

And their typical solutions are to:
1. listen to relaxing music
2. count to ten before doing anything
3. take a deep breadth
4. drink plenty water
5. call a friend for support
6. go for a walk or exercise
7. tackle the stressor causing the emotion
and the list goes on and on, but isn't this (except maybe for the last one) the same old same ole advice that's been floating around since the beginning of fat being an issue? It's not that you might not do one or more

So if it's not the stress, what is it?
Answer: Its the stress of the emotion itself. If the emotion can be truly felt and experienced, there's no need to dilute it with food.
Do you like to feel bored, down, upset, confused, uncertain and so on? The more you resist these basic emotions the more you eat. It's that simple.
And what about happiness, excitement, love, and so on? Yes, people resist the true form of these emotions too.

You stop emotional eating by learning to become comfortable with the emotions that trigger your eating.

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