Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting Motivated in 2010

Happy New Year.

Getting motivated to lose weight and put emotional eating in its place is the first step to success. Life can be full of, "I'll start my diet tomorrows." But of course with New Year's day gone, it's time to get in gear, right?

But are you motivated enough to finally do something about it?

And yes, you can be an expert on emotional eating and still stay stuck in gluttony. Oftentimes anxiety stands in the way of getting things started. Sometimes it has to be like an alcoholic waking up to realize that his/her life is passing by and unless change is effected, this is how life will end.

For some emotional eaters they reach a point of being extremely overweight--some a hundred or more pounds before they become motivated. There's got to be more to life than eating and self hating for all the pounds of fat and missing out on who knows what. It's a point of getting fed up with their relationships and careers suffering.

Once they get that motivation, they usually latch onto one thing as the route to success and their success depends on the ability to stay on that focused path--like a horse with blinders. Many get into exercise, some get into a particular diet, some get into a program like Weight Watchers, some get into doing the shakes.

But if you're an emotional eater, wouldn't it make sense to learn as much about it as possible while you're getting into your path to lose weight? How does embracing and experiencing emotions keep you from gluttony?

If you want to get ahead dealing with your stressors I've made it easy for you. Read The Scale Conspiracy e-book.
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This book will get you a head start on conquering emotional eating to lose weight. I can promise you that it's the best book you will find on the subject or your money back. Instead of having a dozen questions when you've finished it, you'll have dozens of answers and be on the way to dropping lots of pounds. It's a cure for emotional binge eating and it teaches you how to identify emotions, embrace them and feel them?

You can purchase the, The Scale Conspiracy, (in e-book form) emotional eating now for only $14.95. It's of unlimited value.

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