Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Real Holiday Stressor

In my last post I looked at eating boredom. But with the holiday season rapidly approaching, boredom (although an issue for many who are alone) is not an issue for the majority emotional eaters who are planning holiday gatherings, busy buying gifts, and so on.

The predominate emotion to deal with emotional eating during the holiday stress is uncertainty. Sure there is the hurridiness, the pressure to get something done, and the anticipation, but aside from all that is uncertainty. Uncertainty that all your plans will work out well and everyone including you will be happy as a result of all that you are doing. Uncertainty that you'll get the right gifts. Uncertainty that you'll project a great image at the company Christmas party. Uncertainty that you'll even find the gifts you're looking for. Uncertainty as to how you'll pay for them or what you can afford. Uncertainty as to whether you remembered everything you had on your "to do" list.

Unlike hurridness, frustration, anticipation, and the pressure (or anxiety) to get something done that are fleeting feelings, uncertainty is an emotion that lasts 24 hours a day seven days a week until the plans are all finished and the holiday season over.

A close running emotion is anticipation which I'm sure you can see can be closely tied into uncertainty. Anyway losing weight or experiencing weight loss is but impossible unless these raw emotions are dealt with.

In fact you don't have to separate them, you can pretty well lump them together. But the bigger question is, "OK, how can we isolate them and extra food consumption out of the equation?" which will be the subject of the next post.

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