Sunday, January 10, 2010

Motivational thoughts for the New Year

Motivational thoughts for the New Year--Stress Management for the new decade to Stop Emotional Eating.

It seems that every year is met with the same disappointment for the past year and then hope for the new year for those who want to lose weight. The disappointment for the past year seems to be directly proportional to the amount of uncertainties experienced in the previous year.

And those uncertainties are generally proportional to the financial and personal losses suffered during the previous year.

Yet, if we can live in the moment, the financial and personal losses don't impact our attitudes and we can win at emotional eating and overeating.

It's like the study psychologists did with two ten year old boys. One boy came from a well-to-do background and the other ten year old was from a poverty background. The psychologist put the boy from a well-to-do background in a room full of the most advanced toys and the boy from a poverty background in a room full of broken toys. They left the boys alone for a half hour after which they found the boy from a well-to-do background sitting in a chair kind of disappointed. They asked him why he was disappointed, and he replied, "I already have all these toys, I thought you'd have something new and neat."

They found the boy from a poverty background excitedly going through the broken toys and were surprised. They asked him why he was so excited and he replied, "With all this crap around here, there has to be something good someplace and I'm going to find it."

This is truly a model for any stress management training exercise. You add this to the basic stress management techniques such as deep breathing, muscle awareness, exercise, and so on.

I like to remember that story and often wish I could be more effective myself in adopting that attitude on a day-to-day basis. It truly is the challenge and if each of us could do it, we'd be much healthier and happier. Of course you might think it's impracticable, but I suggest that that is merely your limiting beliefs forming that attitude.

We start off each new year with hope and promise that somehow gets side tracked a few months later because we are deficient in motivational thoughts.

Ultimately the answer is in creating a shift in our attitudes so that in the midst of "crap" or disappointment, we can we can be excited about finding something good.

From a stress management training basis, there are two basic things that stand in the way of our doing this:

1. Our self limiting beliefs such as not deserving or our inability to do something.
2. Lack of using affirmations or tools to develop prosperity consciousness. Being in prosperity doesn't mean that disappointments don't happen, it's that instead of being drowned by disappointment that instead we capitalize on them.

What about the stress of dealing with uncertainty? Answer: As you acknowledge it and choose to embrace it you use your affirmations to navigate through uncertainty. The end result is that instead of being glad to get rid of last year, you're pleased and happy with last year. Sure you look forward to the new year--but it's with the same excitement that you looked forward to in each of the last 52 weeks.

To empower your motivational thoughts there are two tapes/cd's for self help programs--The Magic of Affirmations and Prosperity that can make a huge difference in your life.

Of course famous resolutions for the new year are to lose weight and stop smoking or some other hurtful habit. Instead of doing it with hope of something like medications or shakes/gum doing it for you, look to affirmations--not that you won't also use the shakes or gum.

A New Years' resolution that can't lead you astray is to use affirmations--motivational thoughts--every day--they reprogram your intelligence and vibrate with source to provide prosperity and health--the best sort of stress management training so each new year brings you the best of the year possible.

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