Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Does your GPS Call You a Stupid Ass?

Then why should you?

I was thinking today, as I was using my Tom Tom GPS unit to find a new destination, that I was lucky. Lucky that the Tom Tom doesn't say things like "You stupid ass, you're going in the wrong direction."

But isn't this how many who are overweight talk to themselves? Instead my Tom Tom says, "Turn around when possible," or "Recalibrating." Tom Tom simply doesn't know how to do "put downs" and wouldn't we all be better off is we stopped or forgot how to do "put-downs" whether to ourselves or others.

Can you imagine how you would feel if your GPS system said, "You stupid ass, I told you a mile ago to turn right and no, you just turned left. You're lost and I'm not going to help you! You deserve to be late getting there. "

Self respect is a big part of losing weight (getting where you want to go) with regard to emotional eating and weight loss. How can you lose weight if you treat yourself like a bratty three year old?

My book will get you a head start on becoming your own best friend for conquering emotional eating to lose weight. I can promise you that it's the best book you will find on the subject or your money back. Instead of having a dozen questions when you've finished it, you'll have dozens of answers and be on the way to dropping lots of pounds. It's a cure for emotional binge eating and it teaches you how to identify emotions, embrace them and feel them?

You can purchase the, The Scale Conspiracy, (in e-book form) emotional eating now for only $14.95. It's of unlimited value.

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