Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving and Turkey Soup

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

And now the left-overs. At our house it's been turkey soup and turkey salad. Fortnately we found a small turkey this year so the left-overs are minimal.

I must say I went bizerk on pecan pie and made the mistake of buying a big one at Costco. That along with the carrot cake I made led to some emotional eating. Of course I made the carrot cake with a combination for millet and dark rye flour and used honey instead of sugar.

Fortunately the carrot cake was a big hit with the family and I ended up eating very little of it. I minimized the impact of emotional eating with the pecan pie by reducing it to mainly pecans and threw away the gouie part along with most of the pie crust.

So effectively I offset my emotional eating by sticking to two moderate meals each day plus a helping of pie and or cake.

Then yesterday, after my son and I dealt with all the fallen leaves, I went jogging to balance out my week. The cork track I ususally jog on was not accessible so I went to a nearby park instead.

Much to my chagrin I made it only a mile before my legs began to complain.

Lately, one knee has been somewhat swollen--nothing like it has swollen months ago. It's condition is greatly improved since I now use a combination of enzymes and vitamin C to deal with the swelling. The best enzymes are Vitalzyme--just google the name to find suppliers. I generally take two to three capsules mornings and night to eliminate swelling and should it start to swell, I increase to 4 or 5 capsules morning and evening and within a few days everything is normal. So the discomfort I noticed jogging could have been from the slightly swollen knee or maybe it was from the extra sugar in the pecan pie that is usually absent from my diet.

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