Thursday, November 26, 2009

Foods that Appear Healthy but Aren't

Losing weight and controlling emotional eating is enough of a challenge, choosing healthy foods should be easy, but there are some deceiving foods and drinks.

You would think that vitamin water would be a "no brainer" as a healthy choice, right? Not really. Read the label and you'll find that they contain sugar and the listing is usually per serving and each bottle may contain two or three servings.

Why not simply take a great multivitamin such as the Complete Nutritional System available in all health food stores--it's the best you can take. They recommend three tablets per day and even if you took just one per day you'll be doing better than if you take any other vitamin or drink the vitamin water.

If you're looking to boost your water which is a great idea (one that I use daily) I recommend boosting it with minerals by using a product called Xooma. Xooma is added to your daily supply of drinking water and provides you with all the minerals you need for the day. The advantage is that the minerals are completely bioavailable in ionic form.

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