Saturday, November 21, 2009

More jogging to Lose Weight

Wow, it's been almost a week since my last post and a lot has happened since my last post. I'll start with the latest. I went jogging again. If you read my last post you'd think I'm a glutton for punishment as opposed to a glutton for food. Yes the first time I went jogging last week (well it was the first time in about a year of so) it was totally exhausting, but I made it a mile. And while I still don't think exercise is necessary to lose weight or control emotional eating, it is very important for many other reasons. But you have to find the exercise that's right for you. For instance walking doesn't do it for me, but jogging on a cork track (easy on my joints) does work.

Today, the first quarter mile was much better than last week and I went on to go a mile and a half--a half mile further than last week. And what's most interesting is that all the minor pains I felt last week were gone. I probably could have made it two miles but I decided that an extra half mile was sufficient--no need to be a fanatic. I feel that if I can jog a mile and a half to two miles a week, I'll stay in great physical shape.

Now was it the jogging I did last week that improved my legs and joints or was it the glutathione I started taking about ten days ago? Glutathione as I understand it is produced naturally in our cells but it's production can diminish with age. Ironically it's the substance that keeps us young and without it we age faster. Can it help you conquer emotional eating? Maybe if much of what you eat is your physical condition. For instance, my mother is 84 yrs old and I've been identifying with her pains. I shouldn't be feeling these pains for another twenty of so years--certainly a good reason to emotionally eat. But rather than be stuck in "I have an eating problem" I am open to doing new things and old things to improve my physical condition and forget about emotional eating.

So was it the jogging or the glutathione that has made a big change in how I feel physically? I think both have made a significant contribution and I'm unwilling to stop either one to find out.

More about this exciting week in my next post. If you're looking for a source for glutathione email Elizabeth at and she'll get you a free sample supply for a few days to see for yourself. Mention my name, Richard Kuhns.

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