Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Little by Little to Lose Weight

Inch by inch life's a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard. Author unknown

How true is this rhyme? Certainly it's easier and more productive to deal with emotional eating and lose a few pounds a week than it is to crash diet and try to lose ten pounds per week. Basically, expectations can destroy success.

But I find it more effective to focus on getting rid of the weight--make it a project.
It's to acknowledge what you have been really eating, and go to a level of "I have stopped eating (whatever it was). For me this is to eat two moderate meals per day and nothing after dinner. I can drop about a half pound or so a day with this approach. Of course, using self hypnosis helps me get to that point a lot faster.

Then I can go back to normal eating--desert after dinner. Why can I do that? You could too! If you're over weight up to 50 pounds and your body weight has been constant for a period of time, then you can lose all the weight and go back to eating just as you are right now.

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This book will get you a head start on what you can do with this blog. I can promise you that it's the best book you will find on the subject or your money back. Instead of having a dozen questions when you've finished it, you'll have dozens of answers and be on the way to dropping lots of pounds. It's a cure for emotional binge eating and it teaches you how to identify emotions, embrace them and feel them?

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