Sunday, May 31, 2009

Emotional Eating "Oprah Emotional Eating Roots?"

Oprah's new approach to eating includes looking at emotional roots. Clik here for the article.

Having teens look at emotional roots is like having the study the history of the world--it's useless in managing today's eating behavior. True some awareness may be interesting but it does little to deal with today's issues.

The problem is that emotional eating doesn't have to involve deep seated issues. For instance, boredom is a powerful emotion and leads to lots of people overeating. For that matter, happiness is a powerful emotion and leads to a lot of people ruining their diet and subsequently their success.

Psychotherapy is not necessary to lose weight as some would indicate. So if you've been thinking that to whip emotional eating you're going to have to go deep into your deep seated behaviors, you won't. And that's good, I mean great great news.

But again, before we delve into dealing with emotions it's important to look at our programming. In the last post we were looking at the word "Not" and found that there is at least one reason why the word should be avoided and that is because the brain skips over the word, "NOT."

The second reason: What happens when you tell a child to not to do something or that the child can't have something? The result is usually that the child will experience a temper tantrum.

How does this apply? See my next post for the answer.

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