Friday, May 29, 2009

Emotional Eating and Habitual Eating--can you tell the difference?

Click here for an interesting post. It's worth reading. Must say that I find how they identify emotional eating rather interesting. I mean who decided that sudden desire to eat food is emotional? Why is it not habitual? Particularity if it occurs at a certain time of the day. No mention of that though.

The craving certain foods is supposed to be emotional. Who made this decision I wonder?
Why is it not habitual?

Your hunger feels urgent. Isn't that the same as a sudden desire to eat?

Paring of eating with an emotion? Maybe we have a winner here, but what to do about the emotion? No clue.

Maybe most people don't know that there are different kinds of overeating. Why does it matter?

The answer is that each type of eating is handled differently. I've learned that there are three types of overeating:
1. Habitual
2. Emotional
3. Self Defeative.

The same technique won't work for all three types. Through this blog you'll have an opportunity to learn the differences. Of course, if your thinking is askew it won't matter what type of eater you are or what technique you use for you'll have sabotaged yourself with your own thinking.

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