Saturday, May 30, 2009

Emotional Eating

Seems like some books about emotional eating do more to confuse the reader than they do to help. Click here and see how confused the person is who wrote the post. Questions in the book to determine if you're ready to "LOSE" weight are:
1. Does being thin feel safe to you?
2. Can you imagine yourself thin?
3. If someone gives you a compliment on your appearance, does it make you feel happy and confident or threatened and uneasy?"

From my experience, the answers to these questions are simply irrelevant. And when he talks about getting ready to deal with the emotional stuff, you'd think that deep psychotherapy is required. Actually dealing with emotions is a 1,2,3 thing and easy as pie. My book, the Scale Conspiracy leaves no stone unturned.

Are you an emotional eater? Most people who are overweight are emotional eaters at some time or another. However, until you fix your thinking problem, you'll simply waste any attempt to manage your emotional eating.

The last suggestion we looked at in my last post was the word "NOT" as in "I don't want to eat that!"

Let's see why.

To demonstrate this, I'd like you to stand where you are and follow the next suggestion. Ok, are you standing?

Now, Please do not stand! Let me repeat. Please do not stand!

What did you do? Did you sit down right away? Most likely not, if you're like most people you continued to stand and were confused as to what the suggestion really meant for you to do.

Why? There's only one word in common with "I am not going to eat that" and "Please do not stand."

What is the word? It's the word "not"

It takes three times longer to figure out a negative--a "not" So when you say, "I do not want to eat that" it comes out in the brain as "I am going to eat that"

In other words, the brain skips the "not."

And there's another reason why the word "not" causes you to want to eat, can you imagine what that is? I'll share it in the next post.

In fact, I'll share everything with you as time goes on. Click here for the Scale Conspiracy ebook for only $15. It'll clear up all confusion you might have about thinking problems, emotional eating, self esteem...

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