Sunday, March 18, 2012

Book Review of The Scale Conspiracy

What does a life-time binger think of the Scale Conspiracy? Here is what one lady wrote on Amazon about the Scale Conspiracy.

"I have been a binge eater for about 15 years now. I binged everyday after work. I headed straight to the store and bought 20 or 30 dollars worth of food and always ate a huge bag of Cheetos on the drive home. Can you relate to the orange fingertips and steering wheel? I wondered if I could get a car with an orange interior. I am 58 years old now. I started off at a high weight of 271 lbs. I realized that it was not about the food some 5 or 6 years into the disorder as I could not even begin a diet.

It took me five years and probably 200 self help books to finally overcome my problem. Many of the books I just threw against the wall in disgust and headed for a binge. I tried hypnosis to the tune of 2500 dollars. I ate my way through that. I went to therapists, dietitians, nutritionist, and psychiatrists. I refused to cave in and do a lot of the crazy things some of the books I read were advocating. None of the precious time that I have left in my life will be used counting points, calories, fat grams or carbs. This is not living. I had in my head the kind of life I wanted to live and it did not include restriction, no fat or low fat in any form or fashion. I just knew the way I was eating was not right. I was determined and would not give up. I finally decided to go it on my own and incorporated different ideas into my life. In 2007 I experienced my first non-binging day. I had no idea what got me to that point. I kept journals (I have about 40 notebooks filled with writings), but still could not put my finger on the process I had used. Now in 2011, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I found Kuhns's book and am delighted to say that I think the man is a genius. This book is all inclusive. I bought his book as an e-book and thought to myself yeh, this is some kook with a lot of filler to get my money. I had combed the internet and bought about 3 or 4 junk e-books. I was pleasantly surprised and thought Kuhns had read my mind. I have basically used all of his ideas in my quest, except the 26 pointers. I feel like the more I get in touch with my body, then body wisdom will steer me to the right foods for my body. I have found this to be true so far. I basically healed myself without reference to food at all. When I became the person I wanted to be it all fell into place.

I am glad to have found a book that is inclusive, because other authors, weight loss plans, and programs are not telling the whole story. Of course not, they need to sell books number two, three, seminars,supplements, and whatever else. They start off with eat all the foods you love and on a subsequent page, they are telling you to restrict certain foods. No one who has been eating a pound of m & m's every night can all of a sudden just give them up cold turkey. I don't know if I will get rid of the amount of weight that I want to shed, but I am on 4 blood pressure meds and would like to get them out of my life. I have shed 13 lbs in three months, effortlessly with no deprivation.(eating what I love) I wish I had found this book when I first started my journey, but it will be helpful putting names to the things that I have used and it will be a great reference book for my continuing journey. I assure you that all other emotional eating books will be leaving my book shelves.

This program will work for you. You have to be consistent, persistent, and don't expect overnight success. You have to give yourself the time everyday to work on you. I like the way the book is written. It gives great examples to start you off. The cartoons are funny and Kuhns seems to be authentic and concerned about the readers well being. This is the book for you if you can relate to my story. I have time on my hands now. I can use it to start patching up that groove I have made in the floor leading from the couch to the fridge."


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