Sunday, April 8, 2012

Emotional Eatng--the Secret to Dealing With the Sugar Addiction

If you've been following my posts, the emotional eating expert (that's me), had been emotional eating himself twenty five pounds of excess weight. I was eating my failing manufacturing business and physical pains. The strange thing is that my less than perfect eating habits I had fallen into aggravated my physical pains. It was a catch 22 thing.

I was a perfect candidate for reading my book and I did several times as I edited the book for publication in soft cover form. I was eating my frustration and depression. There just didn't seem much to live for as I had lost interest in just about every thing.

Fortunately I woke up and "smelled the coffee." My 25 pounds were not of any value and only complicated my depressed life so over the course of 2 years I began dealing with my emotions and chose to take many of them straight and got rid of 21 of those 25 pounds.

I fired the fellow who was running my manufacturing business and took it over just as the stock market collapsed and the recession started. That just helped make it even more of a challenge to take the emotions straight by adding the emotion of confusion--confusion as whether to sell my company for a mere pittance or put it back together again.

I had five pounds to my goal weight and was finding it an issue. I ate a little desert every night and had difficulty taking the emotions straight. I finally "got fed up" (a pun in my book) and simply stopped deserts, period. For the first three or four days I had an empty feeling as is explained in Chapter III of the book.

Within four days my liver got the message (as explained in the book) and the hungry feeling disappeared and so did four pounds.

The secret is to deal with the addiction to carbs and deserts and it becomes easier and easier to simply forget about food. And obviously it's easier and easier to take emotions straight and leave food out of the situations in the past that were a challenge.

By getting my diet in order and adding a glutathione accelerator, my physical pains have greatly diminished by 98 to 99 percent. While business is still a challenge, we've hired new people and are looking at expanding into a new facility.

I've also become more interested in my hobby of writing and have been publishing several books on kindle and Nook. Go to either kindle or nook and search for my name, Richard Kuhns, to get a list of them. Buy any one (only $2.99), write a review of a couple paragraphs, and I'll refund your $2.99. You'll love them if you love to read self help books.

So in many cases, the emotions of frustration and depression have been replaced with the emotions of contentment and happiness which can be equally a challenge to take straight and leave food out of the experience.

This week we're taking a week to go to Costa Rica and scout it for a winter vacation home. In the meantime I've attached a clip of the north west mountains of Maui at the end of this post.

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