Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Swollen painful joints keep you from losing weight?

Do swollen painful joints keep you from focusing on your weight loss goals?

A couple years ago I started with a swollen painful knee that made me feel like it was time to start looking for a wheel chair. It was certainly difficult focusing on managing my food intake with all the discomfort.

I tried glucosamine, boosting my vitamin C to 8,000 mg per day, and expensive enzymes with no relief. I actually found that cat's claw that I was taking for Lyme disease made my knee worse.

I went to my doctor and she had no idea what was causing it--thought for some reason that I might be pre diabetic and ordered the three hour glucose tolerance test.

Before I got around to subjecting myself to that test someone sent me a cd about a new supplement--a glutathione accelerator. I listened to the cd, never even thought it might benefit my knee, but being a sucker for something new that made sense I accepted a free two week trial of the supplement in exchange for being enrolled in the company's preferred customer auto ship program.

Initially I didn't notice much of any change whatsoever and figured when my first month was about to expire I'd call the company and get refunded my money.

But then I noticed my knee feeling normal again. It was and is like I have a new lease on life.
That was nearly three months ago and since then the glucosamine, supplemental vitamin C, and expensive enzymes have become history saving me $150 per month. I'm also about to kick out the Super Beta Prostate supplement as glutathione reduces swelling not only in knees and other joints but also in every cell including those in the prostate--that's another $35/month. By the way, the glutathione accelerator (Max GXL) is only $65.00/mo plus shipping.

Email me at knic at comcast.net with glutathione in the subject line (don't worry about how it's spelled) and I'll send your the same cd re glutathione to see for yourself.

Suddenly it was a lot easier to stop eating because of discomfort and pain. But then the joy and happiness set in and it became a challenge to deal with emotionally eating joy and happiness.

It was easier to deal with those emotions as I am now 19 pounds closer to my goal with only 6 pounds to go--according to the stupid scale. And of course I say "stupid scale" because many times I thought I had dropped pounds only to find that I remained the same.

That's why my book is called The Scale Conspiracy because if I didn't know better I'd think that the scale is sometimes conspiring against me.

It is the best and most entertaining self help book written since Wayne Dywer's Erroneous Zones.

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