Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Amazon Book Release

The Scale Conspiracy has evolved to How to Stop, End, and Cure Compulsive, Emotional and Binge Eating. We did a free download on Amazon about ten days ago and 450 people picked up their free copy of the book. Our minimum goal was to give away 2000 downloads and we fell way short.
They tell us it's back to the drawing board for the title and the cover which is being redesigned. The new title is dramatically shortened and to the point: "How to Beat the Binge." The sub title tells the prospective reader how it's going to be done and that is: "Understanding Why You Eat What You Eat.
We've looked at rough drafts of the cover design and have chosen to blend two of them together for what we feel will be a very appealing cover design.
Stay tuned for the next blog and a chance to download the book for free and the new title and cover.

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